who even is this

Hey there, I’m Kate

who even is this

I’m Kate Gevanthor!

The designer Kate Gevanthor posing in an orange chair with a foliage background.
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I'm a San Diego based graphic designer, cat lover, vegan ramen aficionado, & perpetual learner.

A background in art history, a lifelong love of writing, and a penchant for extensive research all aid me in my quest to create compelling design work. 

My favorite way to start a project is always with a hands-on approach, and I tend to find the best design solutions when really diving into analog methods of image creation. I mean it when I say I get a lot of paper cuts!

I am a true people person, and love working in collaborative environments. I look forward to opportunities to engage with other designers and work together to make the world a little more fun.

i'm into
brandinG • props • typography • copy • museums • games • environments

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Shout Outs

I owe my portfolio success to quite a few people. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in December 2018, where Anthony Acock, Dr. Alison Pearlman, and Juliana Rico always inspired and supported me. After a period of time working outside of the design industry as a teaching artist, I received encouragement from Sean Bacon, Drew Vereen, and Jake Wood to go back and create a portfolio more targeted toward my goals. When I began at City College in 2020, Julie Warren and James Bowman helped make it an exciting and rewarding experience to learn and focus more on my design foundations. Candice Lopez championed my love of research and she and Bradford Prairie helped me to establish a design process through which I can effectively solve visual problems and create compelling work. And as a portfolio team, Bradford and Sean have guided me through the weeds and helped give me the confidence to put myself and my work out there.

Additional thanks to my classmates for the camaraderie and support, my friends who leant eyes to projects and hardly saw me this past school year, my partner, and my family.

Portrait credit: Kyle Allen and Jake Wood